Life is Choice 💖💖💖

4 Gentlemen met in New Zealand

1. Big guide 3 hrs travel to Methven simple life when you see God.
You can drill on success, on money on anythings you like.
No master how, we will leave one day.
Luckily, he can live in South island.

2. Joseph, No Gougle, Simple Hamlet ski instructor.
Live in Japan for a year, part time wind surfing instructor, just enjoy present and return to full time teacher soon.

3. Kerry, ski instructor in winrer.
Start tutor in Summer. One month holiday to Thailand see girl friend.
Learn Philosophy, life is water.
Man in ski just part merge to the mountain

4. Clay shooting instructor for 30 years let beginners have fun.

Different people have different choices.

Choose the life you live with.

They can survive with a lot of Happiness even without financial security.



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