Keys of Health

Timing is Everything.
Sleeping at 9 – 10pm. Not later than 11pm.

Eating at 7-8am , 11am- 12noon, 5-7pm.

Food Quality

Air you breath in should be
Clean, Fresh n Warm.
Air condition should avoid as possible.

Light – iPhone, ipad, Monitor light intensity should minimal in a condition you can see comfortablely.

If you can, off the unnecessary in your shop n home.

Reduce the warming device as Bus, Glasses Wall if you are designer if building.
More green things n plants as you can.

Radiation – Wifi, Blue tooth

Toxicity / Pollutant as anti-sweating spary, cosmetics matter in your skin and face.
If can’t, try to use less. Good inspiration on skin n good soft tissue flexible n alignment, body n skin condition will be beautiful.



Physical Health – Osteopathy



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