Key of be a Good Children

Genes Bible reading for problem solving

What you look / read ?

What you near / culture /people ?

What you choose ? – in age 6
Life style
Prepared what you learn /do
Sleep early

What’s his Model learn ? – Jesus
Critical thinking in Good. –
Bible is my reference.

Eg. Story of emcomicist.
Drink for business
Choice of Easy

What’s your Values / Mission ?
Money, Love, Respect……

What’s you Daily Excision ?
Do it daily.

What’s you Think n Investigation ?
1000 words per day.
5 pts on Good n
5 things you need to change.
Book review
Comments n advice on
Dad, Mum, Sister, Lover n Yourself.

Life is Choice on All The Combination.

Why we Live?

Life is Exploration n Responsibility.
The Lord give me special abilities no one have.
Explore n make you dream come true.
God arrange Dad, Mum n Sister grow with you.



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