Charles Yu 7/5/2017

Charles Yu 7/5/2017

Keys of relationship
1. Listen.

2. Understanding / How you interpret.

If your relative blame you, it means Love.
Reply: I know. You blame me since you Love me.

3. Discuss / Sharing
Never assume n jump to conclusion.

If something uncomfort, How to Change?
1. Change yourself. That’s the chance to improve.

2. Lady first. (Be Patient.)

3. Rhythm different. (By Accept.)

4. Wait. ( Will change one day until he/she experience.)

5. Improve your tolerance. (By Desensitized n Practice.)

6. Interpret in a Positive way.
Eg. Take time to walk but Buy Nothing.
The whole process is Enjoyable.

Why tolerant ?
Since Relation is Important than Anything.

How to Change yourself
A. Take time since it’s a procedure.
B. Never assume he /she must like this.
C. See your Blind spot.
D. Avoid Selfish. (Love is Give.)

What will change after Believe Jesus
1. Once Praise, you feel Love since Jesus Love you .
2. More Accept since Jesus accepte me.
3. Anger will disappear since Jesus dead for me to save me, what I face is minor thing.
4. More Patient since Jesus wait you before.
5. Have Target in Life – once Happy, Immue will active n Live Positive.



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