Charles Yu 11/6/2017

以弗所書: 恩慈相待, 存憐憫的心.
Happy Family is Safety Place

No matter what happens. Come back.

Failure :
Change the others n environment.

Change yourself. Not the others.

Six Keys of problems family

It’s a sequence.

1. Bitter- Anger n wait for chance to kill
By Control Patients: Aggressive, cut hand, go others country waste your money n make you trouble.

Since think too much will become crazy.

2. Anger
(Come Sudden since a lot of story behind ), what he or she let you anger.

3. Aggressive
Always Aggressive Become behaviour. Than Anger.

4. Yamming ( Spreak Loudly)

5. Tell Lie when you are absence.
Love is trust.

6. Poor Temperament
Wrong n Distorted interpretation until you have Trust with Each Other.

How ?

1. By Jesus.
2. Direct massage to people involved even he / she will miss interpret.
3. Never assume. Ask if queries.
4. Well Inform the others before action.
5. Listen but No Expression if not agree.
Just Warm expression, explanation n hopeful plan with Headline (For Easy Understand)

Ending :
I have a new understand n Happy to share.
Anything can help n Pray for you.
Never too late since today will affect tomorrow.

What’s your family will happen (Hope) after 20 years?
What you have now to make this happen?
Anything can add to make this happen?
Write it down n work together.
It’s a sample of Family members together.

Remarks: If Stand is Different, no one can change as Government n Council.



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