Charles Yu Seminars 22/11/2017

Charles Yu Seminars ( Conflict n Conditioning X 6 )

If Conflict, How to do?

Are You Like These:

1. If I am Hard, Other will Surder. (% of you?)

2. If I am Stared First will Lose.

3. Don’t Be Soft, Other will Step Forward.

Another Way Round :

4. Talk in More Details, Others will Follow.
May not be since others have different standard.

5. If I Surder, Others will Love You.
If not, I still accept.

6. If I am Good, Others will Support.
May not be since others have his hidden agenda.

All not, since every believe become solid after 5 years of habit.

1. Not take, but advice him to carry this point of view.

2. Don’t unhappy: World have different kinds of person.

A. Co-operative Style. As Child
(Some just Talk only ).

Story of Principle.
Some work by Brian, Some work by Hand to Survive.
Be Polite: of Tray a shoelace of others kids.
Ask anybody see that?

B. Avoidance Style. ( Cool )
Change yourself become Warm.

C. Competition Style. (Selfish)
Change by Try Co-operation.

D. Acceptance Style.
Give All the Good things n Mission to others.

Be Careful you will be Anger One Day.

Please with your OWN Style before Given.

*E. Considering Style:
Think Good n Bad before Action.

Think First Before Action.

Chairman of World Stress Management Story.

Sudden Vedio Broken, Talk Continuous.
Sorry, – Any change on my seminar ?

Charles Boss.
You can go is Good, since I can go when young.

Suppress – believe no say is Good.
Science Not Equal To Good.

Prolonged Suppress become Depressed.

Story of Lawyer – Cooker
Keys :
1. Spreak SLOW N SOFTLY.
2. Think How to Win Win.

Your Plan is Good n No needs to change.
But Can it can in small scales since it is Worth.

But How about Next Year to Continue Your Worth Plan?

If you can start now , it will be Good.
Solution :
Express ( Don’t Be Surder n Science.)

Be Express n Discuss Softly.

Don’t Be Hurt Severely Become going on.

Consider the others n think solution.

Don’t think Story will be too bad.

Believe Start in Right Direction n Good Position.

Will Be Success!



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