Charles Yu 10/12 /2017 Girl

Charles Yu 10/12 /2017 Girl

Girls Cruse ( Characters ) :
Day Dream
Self Dialogue
Self Destructive character
Easy Shame n Compared

Anger usually Act In – Psychiatric patient.
Due to :
逆來順受, but once break down will be horrible.

Boy – Easy Anger, but Forgot Easy.

Easy Hopeless.
Over Sensitive.

Thinking Too Much n Over. ***
Stop…….. Immediately.

1. Why Stress?
Girls More wording n Left n Right brain used together.
Boy cannot.
Boy Less words can be used. Then,
Give him choice for better communication.

Overcome :
Once you see me, what’s the first thing you want to tell me.
Since too much want to talk.

2. Why Shame ?
More blood to Right brain, more emotions n think complicated.

Prefer Follow n like Grouping.

Easy get Guilty when first sexual Intercross

3. Why Anger
Good Memory n only easy express in circumstances.
Then Easy Act In Anger.

Eg. A Couple arrange Lunch, became lunch box at 2:00 pm.

Solutions: Discuss n conclusion together.

Solutions: eg.
You look Urgy, girls will cry.
Give me Reason Please.

Good n early developed brain n Follow Rules n Regulations.

3. Expect others follow :
Girls will be Polite n Guide.
Boys will prefer Order Directly.

Solutions: Daily reviews at bed and find a reasonable solution.

Any others Options or Point of Views.

A lot of things, Money cannot Solve!!!
If Lunch, only 30 dollars, no need to think too much.

4. Why Stress?
Girl.less likely facing challenge n aggressive.
Easy being hurt.

Social stress accepted male go wrong, but not female.

Early Sex can resolve by herself n separate.

Always tell her, can come Home n Discuss.



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