Charles Yu 07012018

Charles Yu 07012018

How to change打机王:

1. 腓立:4:8 x 3 mth
According n observed center people good than

2. Read 上進40 letter

3. Write letter to friends daily x 3.

4. 内向人成功心理


Plant seed in brain n write.

内向:Good observed , once solve the bucks, can solve a lot.

Repeated n repeated on good with out reach.

See n know this work, client will change one day.

[6/1下午11:41] KK: Ask Matthew when he want to change:

1. What’s your next plan?
2. Work together?

Plan n Create the environment.

Wait for the right timing.

Go into his mind n life.

Continue n continue until Success.

If no plan, just find continue find subsidiaries n happy life.

Approaching skill:

Ray (哥) – Respect!!!
Easy today
What’s you like to learn.
Who you don’t like let him express.

Ask the things he know,
Either show off.

If he don’t know, create his motivation to self learning.***

1. Wait for chance !
2. Why becoming now?
3. Create environments to change n learn.
[6/1下午11:41] KK: How to start a dialogue?

Xx 哥, 做功课?
Talk what’s he will loss if continue this, with Heart n In His Points of Will.***

With Smile, lovely, interesting face.****

No talks if he’s emotions

連勝,連敗….stop today, otherwise not in good rating or with poor team members.

Stop talk any until he can concentration.
Since he may too busy on….

Must in Support n Stand on his side.

Half Support n Half Suggest for Help the others.***

Presentation style is the Key.***

If all support, he will continue present form.

Share Your Real Life in Childhood m let him think.

On planning,
If he is too loose, keep a little tight.
If he is too demanding, make a little bit soft.



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