Charles Yu 21/01/2018 – Complete Dialogue TX Skill

Complete Dialogue TX Skill

1. Feeling. Access by Breathing

2. Responsibility.
Fear to take response when getting old.

3. Choice.
Plan before choice
Follow your Plan.
Arrived the place, do the Right thing.
Live in Moment

Emotions is Good?
Positive Emotions is Good.

Emotions come:
Great time to Choice
Modified n plan x 7- 10 times.
Progresination- decreased in 5 years to nil.

Keys: Change Yourself

Avoid just Dreaming.
Try Approaching.

Target for your Interest with Positive Emotion.
Try Tea: become Try Super Star.
Be Polite become Polite Super Star.

Allow Defeated, Great time to Learn. ***
Just do the Best of Yourself.
Don’t set too high.***
Believe Yourself
Accept Yourself n me?
Accept Me? ***

Unconditional Love!!!
Trust, Work together.
Attitude soft with Love.

Client may not tell you since feel shame, don’t want you disappointed n affect self image.***

( Take time to change 7 years.)
( Magi – Key is Clients Attitude to you )

Defeated, Great time to Learn
Story of Dr. Yu ID to Psychiatric clients from social worker.
EPA book x I day get pass, because EPA teacher for F.3.
Teacher to social worker helper n part time social work student.

Story of Dr. Yu ID to Psychiatric clients from social worker.

After this job become expert social worker to HKU for Master degree.

Then become POLY U Lecturer.

Target: FB Sharing ***
Learn: Work n Learn together with me.

Treatment: By Self Dialogue :
( You after 10 years?)

Business ok general
Any girl friend?

How about your family n health.
Get to University?

( You Before 10 years? )
Happy at home?
Always close the door?
( Since Parents always close the door.)
Family health n happy

Talk to 3 years later
Congratulations Dianel.
You improved!

During Dialogue:
You clarify his uncertain n fear.

Do You Response** Your Plan?
Answer: I will Response…. (what I talk.)
Summary with Positive after sell Dialogue.
You can Change!!!!

生命滿希望, 前路由你創!

Daniel talk softly: since he feels Age 4 Dianel is Lovely n Good.

Alert how you talk to yourself.

Under Dog: Those Just Dreaming.



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