Charles Yu 1/3/2018 EQ x 2

Charles Yu 1/3/2018 EQ x 2

Lifee Value :
Find a Direction in your life.

Find a friend or friends in your life.

Research on children toys:

2 or 3 toys for playing is Good.

Children can think deep.

Objects today :

1. Anything is new?

Eg. Everything is good.
See things is positive.

2. What’s needed to change?

3. Who’s wanted to help?

4. What’s the Effectiveness?
Eg. Hospital visit, not effective by pastor, effective for visitors have same experience.
New things Dr Yu find :
Just consent depression! Can care their relatives.

How you can let a Remedy become Tregredy?
Key: Find one can Unconditional Love to client.

Unhappy usually Avoidance, since you may feel someone hate you.
As a result: quite job.

Solutions :

Things is No need to Prove !!!
Find positive things you can Prove.
Allow you to entrance his house means your husband is still love you.

Don’t angry people anger you, since you always anger to her too.

Just no show up only, it doesn’t means people don’t like me.

You should know:
Self Value by others. Great problems !
No positive feedback in HK means GOOD!
Even someone said Good may not be true.

Target :
Let everyone can live Happy n Positive.
Eg. Have money fear health.
Health fear Money.

Find True Value of Life from Bible.


1. Synchronize (same speed).
Observe by talking speed ***

Dating time you can.
After you can’t.

這就是愛情的魔力, 也就是愛情的虛偽了.

Too solve problems must Forgive n Voice Out . ( 原諒 + 說出)

What’s you need to change in your life?

Intelligence / AQ
1. Observation ability X 5
People preference.
Important date with follow up.
People joking you will laugh.
( Too self-esteem cannot.)
Ability to trust.
Scoffing ability to help people in difficulty.

Self consciousness.

2. Healing ability when facing challenge.

All is affected by child experience during interpretation.

Story of Two Lectures :
康怡博士結婚時 一個老師說:



Both lectures is divorce .



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