Charles Yu 17/4/2018 創傷解碼

Charles Yu 19/4/2018 創傷解碼

Higher brain Thinking

n Lower Brain basic needs

Assessment :
1. Degeneration behavior.
2. Always Day Dreams.
3. Avoidance behavior.
4. Recall behavior treat the others.
5. ‎Sit away from public.
6. ‎Expression difficulty.

A. Behavior: Anger, Depression, Incontinence, Night mad.


B. Cognitive development: verbal development, anxiety, PS4, Sexual Abuse, Gambling.

C. Intension to resume bad behavior to Prove himself is not good or Testing you not love him or test the world reactions.

Treatment :
1. Develop Good Relation
(Avoid Fear even verbally.)
2. Value Reducation, change the distorted value.
3. ‎Refacing the real situation with Good solution.
4. ‎Protection skill if face the same event.
5. ‎Avoid explore too much or too sudden if relation is not good enough or client not ready.
6. ‎Be Sympathy, avoid Empathy
7. ‎***Passively Active: Wait with smiling,, Listen n Observe!!!
( if you like welcome calling me.)
8. Clients can be hulissation…. Can help, I am Expert to help you.

For example :

A. Just observe than ask why you always show your tension sign:
Kyphosis, Deep breathing….
B. Discuss how to make yourself comfortable.
C. ***Clients may express himself one day.

***Do you like express yourself?
Everyone like that ( don’t express), it normal.
But do you think it’s good time to talk?
( if he trust you.)
You can ask me anything x 10 mins.
May I ask you one question only?

Keys :
1. Being Understanding n Accompanied n Rephrase the story with Good Results.

2. Unconditional Love: I still love you no matter what you are.
Eg. Chocolate, small gift weekly.

3. Resolve the Helpless n Hopeless***

ADHD have same behavior as being Abuse.

I find one think you are good n different from the others, do you know what it is?

2 Make ke a guess.

3. You n me write it down to open.

4. I hope I can explore one more on next session.



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