Charles Yu 18/4/2018

Charles Yu 18/4/2018

Principal Story solution:


Study, Diagnosis n Treatment.

Condition can change when time goes by.

10 points you should know :

1. Know your couple by instragram / chart.
2. Relationship satisfaction.
3. Successful Rings you have: power money… Your family respect these?
4. Strong man principle never ask for help since Self Help is cheap for exploring yourself character.
5. No Outlet or Solution since no trust to the others n too well educated.
6. No Accompanied / Close Friend.
7. 有沒有什麼體驗 recently, 分享下? 我給你看法, 你給我意見好嗎? 多謝你畀機會我, 下次再次教下.
8. Don’t like others Judge. You can use his own words to figure out solution.
9. Except you have heart:
. You can say, you want this, but don’t know this.
. I will care you how can you achieved.
. I really care on you.
:***Solutions is find one least protection: His Son.

His son is relatively independent n see the true.

Work with individual for the family ***

Diagnosis :
1. You do a lot, but can’t work.
Do you quiry your Ability?

I don’t think my ability.
It’s due to my wife n my son.

Why you (tear)? Xxx

You should say:
2. How you relief your emotions?
3. Do you think you are being treated?
See his point of view n position.
4. How you settle your anger?
Key: Don’t believe that is true!!! ***
5. You are different to say, but I feel you want someone care.



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