Charles Yu 24/4/2018 童年創傷

Charles Yu 24/4/2018 童年創傷

Being hit as ACE Score. Eg:
Change patients
Relative leave.
Replace by brother n daughter

1. Psychology.
2. Behavior
3. Physical health
4. Adaptability
5. Recovery ability
If being restricted, he will give up if he choice.

If he can’t choice, will be extremely

Can be trough or very flexible.

Play game is just replacement n get happiness or shelter.

If family hit on his favor (game) , than high chance of give up.

Recall experience by drama therapy.

Reverse position find out value behind n reasons on why patients hit you.

For example: Girl being push out the flat

Her mother also teach by grandmother.
More safe to protect being hit more.
She didn’t know how to face
The client get experience how to teach in coming future.

Unconditional Love.
Build up relation.
Recall how to face same issue next time.
Ask client: what you want at the end Target orientation.
Never let client not being love.

If being hit :
It’s not Real.
He don’t know how to do at that moment.

Jesus: Anger is temporarily with love.

Story of Dr. Charles Yu use ruler beat child:
You hit the others, you are being hit first.

Real Heart, never real fire.



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