Charles Yu 25 /4/2018 EQ x 2

Charles Yu 25 /4/2018 EQ x 2

Talk appreciate can increase mutual understanding.
適當的交通 可以增加互相的理解

Blame always with Love ***
M. Blame, Treat with Unconditional Love.

Mentality can be changed by hard n love training.

***You need to Come, but you can do what you design

Hesitate to do can let Mantility change.

Difficulty can increase creativity.
困難可以使你更加有創意沒有場地就把自己房間變成 教學用地方這就是魚博士的經歷

Good Philosophy: I can Blame you only…
That’s means tell him he is one n only one you Love her. ***

我鬧你, 因為我只能夠鬧你

That’s Art of EQ communication.

Life will come something special if it’s God blessing – Dr Charles Office.

Life is Happy!
Totally Depends on How you interpretate:
生命快樂與否 全看你如何演繹
就算被人欺騙了一百萬 也是比從前十年之前rich.
Dr Charles lost 1 million, he still live better than 10 years ago.

Passive person have Lovely n Peaceful Heart.

For example :
Story of Couples – Blind wife in USA.
Husband always smiling n listening to wife.
Prepare coins to Dr. Yu.

Why Matthew anger when he go home himself, once he listened to story of Derek.

Than Blame G by English.

Key to lead a person to change :***

Principal story :
All is His Choice.

He can design his life also is Good to himself.

That’s also Good to your couple n son.

Why Dating :
Live with your Real Truth.
You being Love.
Once someone Love you, you will Love yourself n improved yourself.

Love should enjoy immediately, but research shows unhappiness within half year later.

Maintain it n overcome it with Love.

Bible: chin to she 9/9



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