Charles Yu 85 童年療傷解码

Charles Yu 8/5/2018 童年療傷解码

角式辦演 : Why you are what you are now.
1. Reported her experience in childhood learning.

2. Change her model of reaction after learning n new experience.
A. Compensation you haven’t before.
B. Different personality forv testing n explore your experience.

– If a child experience (Attachment) is not good:
Always Queries
Socal isolation
Poor Human relation
Not understandable
Low adaptiblity
No empathy
Affected Intimacy in coming future
– Can be 濫交 or 孤独

Key is Follow Jesus:
Change The Value of Your Life.

– How to count whether children can go out:-
Sense of Safety
Ability on Communication
Self discipline especially on Rest
Observation Ability
Problem solving Ability
Good Nutrition
EQ Ability

Brain functions:

If not Use, it will Lose.

1. Use

2. Lose



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